Shorts Package: Transmissions

If you want to know the future, look to the past. In “Carving Joy” (Shane Matthews & Joe Ventura; 10min), Scott Harrison reflects on how his Front Range landmark began with a wind-up music box on the front lines of the Vietnam War. “Once Forgotten” (Obed Lamy; 24min) examines and honors the memories of the three enslaved people who were lynched in 1856 in Washington County, Arkansas. “Sounds of the Sidewalk (A Journey of Goodbye)” (Michele Zousmer & Benjamin Huerta Cristobal; 28min) challenges perceptions of homelessness and captures the beauty and grace that exists in even the most difficult of times. “Sound of Memories” (Gargi Chakrabarti; 10min) rewinds the tape to engage with the past and re-discover the essence of family. “Last Days of August” (Rodrigo Ojeda Beck & Robert Machoian; 13min) uses the photo book aesthetic to explore prairie towns in Nebraska meditating on the blurred lines between still photography and cinema.

In-Person: Various Shorts Filmmakers


  • Director: Varies
  • Country: Varies
  • Run Time: 85
  • Year Produced: Varies


Sun, Mar 27 2022


1:30 pm




Film Shorts


McNichols Bulding: Dziga Vertov Screening Room 1st Floor
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