Shorts Package: Cynosure

To be the cynosure of all eyes, do the extraordinary when you are least expected. In “Hello Sunshine” (Joe Quint; 13min), Roz Pichardo, from giving comfort to families of murder victims to saving the lives of over 800 men and women in active opioid addiction, knows that her healing and her survival depends upon healing others. “Zip Code Matters” (Sena Mourad Friedman; 29min) examines how our ZIP code can carry more weight on your potential health outcomes than your genetic code. In “The Castle Builder” (Thomas McDonald & Tristan Owen; 13min), Jim Bishop has dedicated his entire life to building the world’s largest one-man project. “The Girl With the Accent” (Nadia Durry; 10min) focuses on an Ethiopian woman’s embrace of her identity through the color of her skin. In “Dangerous Dog” (Brett Allen Smith; 18min), Yuval Mendelovich rescues abused Pit Bills across Israel and the occupied Palestinian West Bank, but this isolated life on the edge comes at a dark cost. “It’s All Up Hill From Here: The John Seipel Story” (Hamilton Pevec; 24min) is a ski adventure about the outdoorsman that built seven of the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association huts and redefined backcountry living.



  • Director: Varies
  • Country: Varies
  • Run Time: 102
  • Year Produced: Varies


Fri, Mar 25 2022


4:30 pm




Film Shorts


McNichols Bulding: Dziga Vertov Screening Room 1st Floor
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