DocuWeird Late Night Presents: Larry Wessel’s Palace of Wonders

World Theatrical Premiere

DocuWest alum & D-West belt buckle winner Larry Wessel (Eric & Shaye) returns…It’s gonna get weird up in here.

Inspired by Anton Szandor LaVey’s Beautiful Recitation of the poem “Vagabond’s House” by Don Blanding, P.O.W.’s Star-Studded Cast includes Musician, Composer and Television Pioneer Korla Pandit, Artst and Collector Coop, MAD’s Maddest Writer Dick DeBartolo, Dan Zelinsky and The Musée Mécanique, John Wickett and His Museum of Exotica, DEVO and Sparks Drummer David Kendrick, Artist Jason Mecier, Musician, Artist and Fashion Designer Gidget Gein, Adventurer Mitch Miller, The Band Rosemary’s Billygoat, Showman and Collector David Apocalypse, Historian of The Magical Arts Diego Domingo, Artist Leonard Knight and His Salvation Mountain, “The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque” Dixie Evans, Andy Warhol Superstar, Artst and Actor Louis Waldon, Charles Bukowski Photographer Michael Montfort, Artist Alex Schaefer, Mark McCloud and his Museum of Illegal Images, The Vagabond and Many More Surprise Guests!!


Director: Larry Wessel

Producer: Larry Wessel

Editor: Larry Wessel



  • Director: Larry Wessel
  • Country: USA
  • Run Time: 120
  • Year Produced: 2021


Sat, Mar 26 2022


9:15 pm


Feature Film


McNichols Building Julie Dash Screening Room: 2nd Floor
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